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For any venture, managing the payroll system is a tedious task as it not only consumes a lot of time in terms of workforce, but do not generate any revenue for the organization too. At times it becomes virtually impossible for the management and HR department to perform their actions manually. So, looking forward to the complexity, using a payroll software can make your work easy and you do not need to feel the burden of outsourcing the work to any third party and face security threats. Payroll software making companies like Siddh Software India Pvt Ltd is one of the possible solutions.

Our Payroll Management software include:

  • Management of leave and attendance records and salary register.
  • Preparation of salary according to the data sourced by the client, for example, salary structure, Incentive, Attendance, Increments, etc.
  • Salary disbursements online.
  • Preparation of monthly salary reports
  • Issuance of salary slips to every employee every month
  • Adherence to the compliances for changing rules and regulations
  • Redressal to the employee’s grievances, if any.
  • Calculation of overtime, bonus, leave encashment, etc.

Why opt for payroll software services from Siddh Software India PVT LTD?

Cost Trimming

The payroll processing cost can be reduced by working with an efficient service provider. As our payroll software is quite easy to use and can generate detailed reports by pressing a single button.

More Productive Hours

The HR executives and management can stress in core issues of the organization rather than investing Slot Bonus New Member 100 their time in nitty-gritty questions. As the software performs the majority of work so the staff can give their concern to strengthen the position of the company.

No Penalties

On enrolling yourself with the best software service provider, you can make yourself free from the various fines and penalties can be imposed if found not adhering to the recent regulations.

Experts are just a call away

For any confusion or issues, you can always reach out to your service provider for clarifications. We do conduct training sessions so that the new joinees and people can use the software without any issues.

Feel free to contact us for tailor-made solutions devised as per your needs!